You Do What It Takes To Write Every Day: Here is What I did

A mobile hotspot doesn’t cost that much and it is so worth it

When you are a writer, you need to write as often as you can. Nothing should stop you. Not family, not friends, and not even when your Internet goes out. Of course, there are some sites that have the app where you can write from your phone as Medium does and Kiki Time, but there are other sites that don’t have an app so the only thing you can do is go on the site to check if you have a deadline coming up. And, of course, you find out you do and then you miss it because it took a while to get back online. By the time you did what you had to do to get back online, the deadline is already past. Then, you get an email letting you know you missed the midnight deadline and you lost some reliability points. What is weird about the low-paying SEO site I am writing for, is that you only get one point for reaching a deadline, but you lose 20 reliability points for missing a deadline. That is what sucks about the site I am working every day.

No Internet

I had no Internet today so it wasn’t my fault. I now only have the Internet because I called my cell phone carrier and paid the $10 monthly fee for getting a hotspot on my phone so I could tether it to my computer. Now, I can work all night if I want to. I probably will if I can’t sleep and I am wide awake at 1 am.

I knew I had to do something to get back online. We are going to see if the District Attorney hubby has to talk to about his fines, will take at least $50 per week. I don’t see why she won’t because she asked him to pay $50 per month and we couldn’t do that at the time because I wasn’t working. Well, I am working now so it is all good.

Those who say they can’t write for any site because their WiFi was out too., are either liars or lazy or don’t yet know about Mobile Hotspots. Let me tell you more about how you can use your phone’s mobile hotspot, connecting the computer to it, to get back online.

Go to settings on your phone and turn on your mobile hotspot. A small screen will pop up and it will show a password. You might have to tap on “show password.” It depends on if your phone is even compatible with a mobile hotspot. Once you click on show password, open your network and sharing center on your computer, making sure your WiFi is turned on. Then, click on add new network like you would when adding your home network for the first time.

Mobile Hotspot

Name it something, maybe use the make of your phone. For example, I used the brand of my phone, which is Moto E5 Cruise (It is so time for an upgrade and since I am doing my main writing site for weekly pay, I will use the pay I make next week or the week to get us new phones. My husband needs a new phone really bad.

Anyway, then put the password into the new network you are creating. It will be the password from your mobile hotspot. Type it in, click on connect, and wait for it to connect to your hotspot. Once it does, you now have Internet-tethered from your phone to your computer. You can connect multiple devices and even share the hotspot password with friends and family. However, I don’t recommend this. The reason you shouldn’t do this is that you are using your phone’s mobile data for your Internet. And, it doesn’t matter if you have unlimited service because they only give you so much GBs to get online with. Once those GBs are gone, (GB stands for Gigabytes.) they slow your hotspot connection down until your next billing cycle brings.

It is still a great way to get online so you can work. I have to have the Internet, especially now that I have to pay his fines every week. Try it and see if it works for your phone and wireless plan. Some outdated phones don’t come with Hotspot.

Mobile Hotspots Are Cheap

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Mobile Hotspot is only $10 per month added to your bill. I already told my husband I can’t use the hotspot forever because it will slow down after a while. So, tomorrow he is going to call them and order a new box. If they say they will put the price of the new box on our bill, we will drive to the town they are located and pick it up. However, if they say they need the money first, which they shouldn’t, it will have to wait until next week when I get paid again. Nothing I can do about it. All of the money I made this week went on hubby’s fines. I didn’t even make as much as I could have because there were a few Internet outages in our area. At the time, I didn’t have my mobile hotspot because I had a feeling I was going to have to pay the $10 for it right away, and I did. Since I didn’t have the money until now, I had to wait until I got paid.

Now that I have a mobile hotspot, for emergencies like this one, I won’t have a problem getting my work done. Especially since I am only using it until we get a new Internet box.

A Lesson Learned

The lesson here: You do what you have to, to get things done. Especially when you have people depending on you to make the money that is needed.

Does your cell phone have a mobile hotspot already included with your plan? I thought mine did but it didn’t. I had to call Cricket Wireless to have them do it for me. If you don’t have one, find out how much it costs with your plan and if you have the extra $5 or $10, whatever it costs with your mobile phone carrier. It will be well worth it one day when you can’t use your WiFi. Just tap into your phone’s data and you won’t have any excuses not to write.

I have been a professional writer for 14 years. I have a boyfriend and six dogs. Check out and subscribe:

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