An Experience From Hell

Why I’m More Afraid Now to go to the Dentist Than I was Before

My bad experience with the dentist

I have bad teeth. I was told that it is because of all of the drugs I have done in the past and from smoking cigarettes so much. I can believe it too. Last year I went to see my dentist to get a few more teeth pulled. Right now, I don’t have any top teeth in the front and some of my side teeth have been pulled. I have been through a few dentists before settling on this most recent one. And, yes it has been a year for me seeing a dentist and I am going to explain why.

But, first, the reason why I have been through a few dentists is that I am very picky with who messes with my teeth since they are sensitive. Plus, I missed too many appointments with the first one I was seeing since I was afraid to go and I had to find another one. I did find another one and they took my health insurance the first time but then told me I needed a bunch of root canals and I would have to come up with $5,000 for each root canal. This doesn’t surprise me because I know root canals are expensive. So I decided to try another dentist after I got another infection in my mouth. Here is the real story of what I want to tell you. About why I am more afraid now to go to the dentist than I was before.

I decided to try my husband’s old dentist. The one who pulled all his teeth. See, my husband has no teeth left but you can’t even tell. He was wearing dentures but they were gagging him because they didn’t seem to fit right so he just quit wearing them. It doesn’t bother me that he doesn’t have any teeth. After all, and I told him this, I am not with him for his teeth and I didn’t marry him for his teeth.

I made an appointment with his dentist. And I went, reluctantly because seeing the dentist freaks me out. It freaks me out even more now though. I made it to my appointment and waited until I was called back. My husband decided to sit out in the car and wait for me. Once I was called back, I asked them if the dentist could numb my mouth really well because I was in a lot of pain already with the infection I had at the time. The nurse said yes. He came in and started shooting my mouth with the numbing agent. He thought he numbed it well enough and started pulling my teeth. I told him I could still feel the pain and could feel everything he was doing and asked for more of the numbing agent. He said, “Sure, I will give you as much as you want.” So, he numbed my mouth even more.

I leaned back so he could do his work on my mouth and all of a sudden I had the worst migraine I had ever had in my entire life. I sat up and started screaming. I held my head and could feel my temples thumping from the pain. They asked me what was wrong and through my tears and screaming, I told them how bad the migraine was. The nurse asked me where my husband was. I told her and she went outside to get him. He came running to my side, wondering what was going on. The dental assistant called her sister because she is a nurse at the hospital and told her what was going on. She said it sounded like I was having a stroke. They were getting ready to call 911 when I said that I would just have my husband run me to the hospital.

They also asked me if I took my blood pressure medication and I told them that I forgot to that morning. So, they thought maybe that was why. I left and went to the hospital. They said I was just having a severe migraine but they couldn’t find out what was causing it.

I went home and had to constantly eat Ibuprofen. Anything to get rid of the terrible pain I was in. Some nights I couldn’t even sleep because of the migraines I was still having. I had one so bad one night I had my husband take me to a different hospital close to us. They ran some tests and said they couldn’t figure out what was causing the migraines either. I explained what happened at the dentist but they said that wouldn’t matter. Yeah, right! I didn’t find out what caused the migraines until I went to my follow up appointment with my family doctor.

He came into the room and told me he knew what caused them, why they were so bad, and why I was still having them. I was allergic to the numbing agent the dentist gave me and he gave me too much that day. The stuff was still in my system almost one week later. That is how much he injected into my mouth. He said I was allergic to Epinephrine. Yes, the same Epinephrine that is supposed to help you when you are having an allergic reaction to something else. I also told my Suboxone doctor and she couldn’t believe it because of how the medication is supposed to help you when you are having an allergic reaction to other medications. But, he said it was true. I looked it up and apparently, dentists use it, as well as anesthesiologists for two different reasons. One reason is that it decreases the possibility of a toxicity attack by reducing the LA Plasma. The second reason is that it improves the quality of the Lidocaine and makes it last longer to keep your mouth numb longer.

So, now I am allergic to the Epinephrine that is used in the Lidocaine. How weird is it that I am allergic to a medicine that is supposed to reverse allergic reactions?

I haven’t been back to the dentist since and I am too afraid to go back. Besides, I haven’t had an infection or pain since this happened and I figure that as long as that stays away, I don’t need to go back.

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