Why I Have Over 11,000 Emails in my Inbox

And, I’m not worried about getting through all of them right now

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And I won’t worry for a while either, because I have better and more important things to do than to go through and delete emails that I don’t want. I should go through certain ones to archive to read later but I am afraid that if I do that, I will forget to check them after a while. I have short term memory loss, that is another story I will be writing soon, and I forget things five minutes or so after someone tells me something or five minutes or so after I do something or I am supposed to do something. Like I said though, this is for another story and I do have the story idea wrote down in my Evernote notebook of writing ideas. I will write it soon and link to it here.

Email is too distracting

To me, it is, anyway. I can go through all of my emails and end up getting lost in it as in wanting to read every single email that I find interesting. So, instead, since I find it too distracting to go through all of it while I am writing, when I log-on to the computer every day, I do log-in to my email but I only read and go through the emails that are interesting to me. I only read and go through the emails where the subject line screams at me to be read. Or if the email is from a popular website like Medium, I will read it for sure. Because I never want to delete Medium emails without reading them first. This is how important Medium is to me now.

When I find something too distracting, I try to stay away from it while writing. Because if I don’t, I will not get a thing done. I will spend the whole day going through all of my emails, or those several thousand that look interesting to me at least. So, I definitely only go through the most important or most interesting emails before I go on about my writing for the day. Then, if I am not too tired later, once I am done writing for the day, I will go back to my email accounts (yes I said accounts because I have more than one) and go through all of the emails I have to go through until it is time to do something else more important or until it is time to get off the computer for the day. In case you want to know, I still have over 11,000. I currently have 11,455 emails right now between the email accounts I have connected to Google.

I have better things to do, like writing

If I sat here and went through every email I have right now, I wouldn’t get any writing done at all. I have better and more important things to do than to go through all of that email. I have writing to do and more writing and more writing. I don’t just write for sites like this, but I also have a couple of private clients I write for. If I sat here and went through every single email I have every day, I wouldn’t get my paid now writing work done or my paid monthly writing done either. Then, I wouldn’t make the money I need to get my husband and me through the month until he gets his check on the first of every month.

Most email is a waste of time

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I prefer to do more productive things with my time. My time is money and I can’t afford to waste it by going through all of my emails in one or two days or however long it will take since I get new emails every day. I prefer to write, promote my writing, and market my business than to go through countless emails. I don’t want to waste my time going through the least important emails and deleting them. I know it doesn’t take that long to delete them since you can delete as many as 50 to 100 or more with one or two clicks but I can’t afford to go through every single email I have in my inbox unless I am done working for the day. And, that is only if I still have the mental energy to go through all of these emails.

With everything changing every single day because of technology rapidly advancing, many of these emails will be old news soon. This is why I like to log-in to my email when I first get online in the morning and check the important emails I have before starting to write. The least important emails I have will sit there until I am ready to either check them or delete them for good.

Are you like me and don’t go through all of your emails anymore like you used to, maybe? Do you also believe you have more important things to do than to distract yourself with the email that is not of value to you? Let me know in the comments how you deal with your email overload and if you read them all first thing or go through the most important first thing and the rest, least important later when you are done with work for the day? Maybe if you share your strategy for dealing with email overload, you can help me deal with mine. Thanks for reading!

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