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The Pain of Losing A Loved One: Part Three

My brother wasn’t the only one who was murdered in my family

So, after writing my heart and soul out about my brother’s murder and then how I got through it, although a bad way to get through it, here is a new story about my mom’s little sister and her daughter, one of my favorite cousins, who were both murdered by my cousin’s crazy, crack-addicted ex-boyfriend. First, if you haven’t read part one and part two, get caught up below.

My brother was murdered by his wife and her new boyfriend, one of his so-called friends, on January 31, 1993. Exactly nine months later, on October 6, 1993, my cousin, who was about to turn 18 in a few days, broke up with her crack-addicted boyfriend because he was beating her.

However, because of her breaking up with him, he was really mad and came to the house where they lived then, and crashed right through the living room window with a shotgun saying he was going to kill everyone there. My older cousin had a baby at the time, and she was sleeping in her crib right by the window. My older cousin, the sister of the cousin who died that night, grabbed her baby and started running out the door. Everyone else followed but as they were all scrambling to get away, two went one way, and the other two went the other way.

My aunt and my older cousin went to one neighbor’s house to hide while the other two cousin’s, the girlfriend of the crazy crack addict with the shotgun, and my younger cousin, their little brother went to the other neighbors. My aunt's husband was at work that night. They were close friends with both neighbors so the neighbors tried to hide them but it didn’t work.

As soon as my aunt and older cousin walked up on the one neighbor’s porch, the crack addict ex-boyfriend of the other cousin chased them up onto the porch and started shooting at them. My older cousin shielded her baby by laying on top of her with her butt in the air, so she got shot in the butt and still has a scar to this day but she did survive. My aunt, on the other hand, was killed instantly. He then went over to the other neighbors where my other two cousins went to hide.

The neighbors were trying to hide them and had called 911 as soon as they came over to hide but no one had shown up to help yet. He walked into the house and while my cousin, his ex-girlfriend was crying for her life, she raised both of her hands up in front of her face and told him she still loved him and that she would take him back if they would just spare their lives. It was too late by then. The guy was high and crazy. He held up the shotgun and pulled the trigger at her. The shotgun was so powerful, it blew off her hands and half of her face, killing her instantly. The gun powder from the bullets hit my male cousin in the leg and that was the only harm he got from this.

However, for their whole lives, the two kids who survived without their mom and sister, have been through Hell because of it. They had to go through counseling and had survivors guilt for a very long time. My male cousin was only 15 when it happened. My older female cousin who survived with her baby was 19 at the time. The cousin who was killed that day was going to celebrate her 18th birthday in just two days.

The baby is now a grown adult who doesn’t remember what happened, Thank God. The sad part though, she doesn’t remember her grandmother or her aunt either.

The night before all of this happened, my mom took me to their house to help my cousin get ready for her big party she was having. It was supposed to be a Hawaiian theme but it never got to happen.

I didn’t get to see my cousin in her coffin at her funeral because of the damage the shotgun did to her. They had a closed coffin for her. The funeral was a double funeral. Nine months after my only brother was murdered.

My older cousin is in her 40s now and has three kids altogether. My male cousin is now 40-years old and has twins, a boy, and a girl. My mom took in my male cousin after this happened so he could finish high school. He went to the same school that I was getting ready to go to the next year. I was still only in middle school at the time.

This has been just as hard to write as part-one and part-two but I think it has also helped me. It seemed better than drugs and alcohol did and better than counseling ever was. Thanks for reading.

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