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Should You Send Your Writing Work to Friends and Family to Critique?

Or should you send it to someone you don’t know that well?

Sometimes when writing online, we all need a second or third or fourth pair of eyes to read what we wrote and to critique and possibly edit for us. Your first thought will be to send your writing work to close friends and family to have them read it over. Because of course, they love you and will do it for you for nothing. However, this might not be your best bet. It might be better to send it to someone you don’t know that well even if you have to pay them a little bit to critique and possibly edit for you. Why is this the case, though?

Friends and family might lie to make you happy

Even if your writing isn’t that good in the first draft, which it usually isn’t, your close friends and family members might lie to you and say it is awesome even if it isn’t because they don’t want to upset you or make you mad.

However, someone you don’t know as well as you know them, or know that well at all for that matter will give it to you straight and not worry if they hurt your feelings. After all, business is business and if you are paying someone you barely know to critique and possibly edit your work for you, they know they have to be completely honest with you about your work since they are being paid for it.

Friends and family might not even want to read your work, but lie and say they do

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to read what you are writing and this goes for friends and family too. They might not take you serious enough and tell you they will read it but they actually won’t. They will keep putting it off until you give up and find someone else, much to their relief that you are going to find someone else and that they don’t have to read your work now.

The main people who get us writers are writers themselves not those who don’t know a thing about writing. They don’t care about writing and don’t want to read your writing no matter how much they love you. It is a harsh fact but it is a fact, nonetheless.

Friends and family don’t have time to read your writing and won’t take the time for it either

Another harsh reality is the fact that most people don’t have the time to read your writing, even if they are your close friends and family and they won’t take the time for it either. Other writers, total strangers, yes, they will take the time to read your writing since they understand you more because they are writers themselves too. They know what it means to have people read their writing so they will do it in a heartbeat for a fellow writer, even if they are a total stranger.

Even if they don’t have the time to read much, they will take time out of their busy schedule because they understand the need for your work to get the attention and critique it deserves. These are the people you should be sending your writing work to, to get a critique or to get more views on it. Either way, other writers are happy to do this for you and will continue to do it, meaning they might even follow you or subscribe to your blog to keep up with what you are writing. You should do the same for them too.

Final Thoughts

So, sending your writing work for a quick critique and possibly an edit to someone you don’t know as well as you know your friends and family is a better option. Better yet, sending it to a fellow writer, also a stranger to you is even better because they understand your needs more and will do the best possible job for you if they are critiquing your work. They will also leave comments and possibly follow you because they want to support other writers as well as get support in return from you. This is why writers get along so well. We understand each other better because of our mutual love for the written word.

I have been a professional writer for 14 years. I have a boyfriend and six dogs. Check out and subscribe:

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