I can’t get enough of this new thing in my life

I have a new addiction and it is very hard to suppress the urge not to look at it, even while I am working on the other site. However, I did something today that I should have done all along, and quit suppressing the urge. I let my muse out since I had her locked away for quite some time and she kept at me until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I started my writing day writing this first.

Letting Ms. Muse Out to Play For A While

It felt good to let Ms. Muse out because we both feel better now for doing it. Now that I let Ms. Creativity out too, every once in a while a story idea pops into my head and I go from the other site, and come over here and write it. I have to now since I am no longer locking her away. I can’t be cruel to her anymore. After all, she helped me get through 12 years of writing and now she and I will work together, the way it should be, to let the ideas come and flow to my Google doc and then be published here to share with everyone. I have put fear (Imposter Syndrome, as other writer’s call it) away and hid the key for as long as I can. Hopefully, she will learn to keep her mouth shut and quit doubting me.

Meet my New Addiction

My new addiction is this site. The reading and now the writing. As soon as I do a few articles over at the other site, I have an idea pop into my head, like just now, and start writing.

Is anyone else addicted to Medium now? I love each and every story I read on here and many of them inspire me to improve. Many of the stories I read on here on a daily basis are about the art of writing, how to improve, how to come up with ideas, and how to write by just sitting down and writing. The last one was hard for me for a while but I am starting to ease into that now and find that once I sit down in front of my computer, I am able to start typing right away, letting the words flow easily. It feels really good to be able to write anything I want, and as long as I put most of my concentration on the site that pays weekly, and come over here to write two or three stories per day in between the SEO articles I am doing for weekly pay, everything works itself out. Just as a few of my favorite writer’s on here said it would. I should have known they would be right.

I really do believe that because I have decided to write at least three Medium articles per day, every single day and because of starting off with a Medium piece first, to clear the cobwebs of my mind, it has made me feel a lot better and has given me the freedom to do each site as I see fit for myself and my husband.

Ms. Creativity Came Out With Ms. Muse and I Think They Are Staying For A While

I feel the ideas and words flowing so much easier now, a lot easier than suppressing Ms. Muse and her twin Ms. Creativity. I just took some awesome advice from some of the best writers I know on here, thinking about each one after reading, and clapping the maximum 50 claps for each of them because they are such great writer’s. What many of them say is to just sit and write and that is what I am doing. I have also been getting up and stretching more after sitting for long periods of time writing to pay the bills. The breaks do help. About the 50 claps I give each story I read on here, the claps are important and I believe each and every story I read on here throughout the day and night, deserves those 50 claps, maybe a comment, which I have only done a few comments on different articles, but if I could give more than 50 claps, I definitely would. The writers on here who inspire me deserve all of the clapping, reading, and commenting they get. They are that good. They have inspired me that much to write and read more often.

Don’t Fight the Powerful Urge Like I First Did

Never fight the urge to let your Ms. Muse and Ms. Creativity, come out to play and inspire because they won’t shut up and will fight to be let out. I was keeping them inside because I had the idea that I could just get all 10 of my SEO articles done first, and then move on to Medium pieces, and then maybe another site I just started doing. But, for me, it didn’t work that way.

Because I was fighting Ms. Muse and Ms. Creativity from trying to break free, I was suffering on the inside. I felt trapped inside myself and felt burnout slowly creeping up on me from having to write so many damn SEO articles to help pay the bills and his fines this week. I am now free, Ms. Muse, Ms, Creativity, and myself together again at last. Now, here comes the real me, the writer.

I am a Writer

So, Medium is a great addiction to have in your life. Why? Because of how you can read anything you want on here, and let the writing advice and, especially the inspiration lull you back to writing and letting the words flow. Now, I feel like a writer once again, instead of an SEO robot just pushing myself to get 10 per day done no matter how I feel about it. I can do the 10 per day, as long as I can also write Medium stories and my other site. Sometimes, all it takes is to let the creativity out and keep it out for good to get important stuff done too.

New Plan of Action

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My new plan of action every single day, with maybe one day off, because I don’t want to become a workaholic again, is to write one Medium piece in the morning, four or five SEO articles for the weekly pay job, and back here to write a new story, promote both articles on social media, and then back to the SEO article writing job until I get my last five done. And maybe one more Medium story before bed for the night. It is a rewarding system that I just started today. I was starting to go into a deep rut and my depression would have shown his ugly face trying to get inside. I can never let him back in because depression is the torture of the soul and mind.

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