How to Not Be a Workaholic When Working from Home

I will admit it; it is hard to prevent being a workaholic. Primarily when you work from home like many of us do these days. I used to be a major workaholic. I was one so bad that my husband was started to get mad because he said I would rather work than spend any time with him. I didn’t see how bad it was back then, but now as I look back, I do see how bad it was. I still feel guilty about not spending more time with him. I just felt the need to work every single day, writing as many articles as I could daily for all of the websites and private clients I worked with back then. I couldn’t stop.

Even now that I am finally back to writing for a couple of clients and Medium again, I have to force myself to stop because I feel my old ways coming back. I don’t want to be that person anymore. As much as I love to write and make money online, my husband is more important to me than any of that. He is more important to me than anything else is, and I don’t want to take the chance of ever losing him as I could have back then.

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He could have walked out on me and found someone else, but he didn’t, and I am so grateful for that. He is the main reason I don’t work weekends for my main job or my private client. I try to find the time during the weekdays for everything, including Medium but my main full-time job and my private client both keep me busy throughout the week. By the time I am done working with them during the day and afternoon hours, and once evening rolls around, I force myself to quit and am pretty tired by then. I spend the remaining evening hours with my husband and my dogs.

I am going to try to set aside one hour per day to write and submit to Medium until I will be able to find more time.

There are things you can do if you find yourself trying to work too much and turning back into the workaholic you once were. You need to take my advice also because neither you or your spouse are going to be around forever and you should spend as much time with them as you can before something happens to one of you. Life isn’t predictable or fair or guaranteed to last as long as you hope it will. You know the saying: “Here today, gone tomorrow.” No one knows the future, and none of us knows what tomorrow brings. So, try to take my advice and slow down a little bit to spend time with those you love. Money isn’t everything!

Make Yourself Stick to a Schedule

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Sticking to a schedule is non-negotiable and very important. Make a schedule, if you are self-employed and can do it for yourself. Stick to it by forcing yourself to quit and walk away from the computer for the rest of the night. Of course, I now have a full-time writing job where I am currently an employee from home, so I have to stick to a schedule my new boss has given me.

My schedule is from noon EST to 8:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday. I have weekends off. I stick to that schedule faithfully for now on. No more working weekends for me, even writing on Medium. Everything can be done during the week, and if not, it isn’t significant enough for me to do it on the weekends. Like I said, my husband, is more important to me than work, money, or anything.

I love having a set-schedule now and feel that this full-time job helped me realize how much of a set-schedule I needed to keep my husband, and myself happy. I am thankful that I now can walk away before two or three-in-the-morning like I was doing in the past.

Force Yourself to Walk Away When Your Workday Is Over

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I am so glad I can now do this without the need to feel guilty that I didn’t do enough work or earn enough money for the day. When I first started working as an at-home employee for the new company, I was on salary, so it didn’t matter how much or how often I worked because I was still making the same amount of money every week. Now that my new boss changed my pay to hourly this past Friday, I will always have to discipline myself to make sure I get off of the computer at 8:30 every night. It doesn’t matter how tempting overtime is to me either because my husband is worth way more than that.

My husband and I have been together for 21 years, and we are also each other’s best friend and would do absolutely anything for each other. That is why I force myself to walk away at a specific time every evening. I walk away from my desk that sits in a corner in my living room, and I walk over to the couch and sit with him, and we watch TV together and talk about different things.

Get out of the House as Often as You Can

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Not only will you clear your mind by leaving for a little while, even if it is during your work schedule, but you will feel better knowing you spent extra time with someone you love and are incredibly close to. My boss told me he wants to make sure I am happy working for him and said I could leave during “office hours” whenever I wanted to. He told me to make sure I still have a life outside of work and to live it as much as I can. The work will always be here waiting for me when I get back.

I have taken his advice, and when my husband wants or needs to go somewhere, I go with him every chance I get. I used to be worried that my boss would catch me away from my desk and computer and would get mad and fire me, but he is the one who told me to live my life still. I couldn’t ask for a better boss since I have one now!

Eat Lunch and Take Breaks Away from Your Desk

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Do not eat at your desk if you can help it. Also, when you are on a break, walk away for a little while. You will not only be making yourself happy and those around you happy, but you will also be clearing your mind. Coming back to your desk and computer with a clear mind will help you feel recharged and able to concentrate better on the rest of your work. Walking away for a break can also make you more productive at work.

When taking lunch and your breaks, use that time to spend extra time with the special one in your life. You will both be happier about this, and your spouse will appreciate you wanting to spend more time with them.

Now, I have to work the main job for a few hours, but I wanted to get this done and published before I started. I will hopefully be back in a little while to post a couple more if I can.

I hope those of you who work too much still will find these tips helpful. I hope you take some extra time for yourself during your workday and additional time for the loved ones in your life. It is worth it!

I have been a professional writer for 14 years. I have a boyfriend and six dogs. Check me out and subscribe:

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