How I Met my Husband

My husband and I met on n June 6, 1998, and two days later we were dating. One of my friends was a pen pal of his while he was in prison. She was driving through town one day after she got out of school, I had already dropped out, and stopped to ask me if I wanted to go with her to meet him. She already had a boyfriend and was just wanting to be friends with him. I think her stopping was meant to be because here we are, 21 years later married and we still love each other and get along great. We are each other’s best friend as well as spouses and lovers.

We have been inseparable since we met, almost and it has been one amazing journey with him over the past 21 years. We have been on many adventures together and I am always telling him that with him it is always a wild adventure. There is never a dull moment as long as I am with him. He is always making me laugh, always. You can’t be in a bad mood around him most of the time. That is one of the many things I truly love about him.

So, we started dating June 8, 1998, and got married exactly six years later on the same day we started dating, June 8, 2004. So, we just celebrated an anniversary and although we have technically been married for 15 years, and together for 21 years, we say we have been married for 21 years instead.

Our age difference: Age is only a number

I was 17 when we met and he was 29. Yeah, a little bit of an age difference, 11 years since I was one month away from being 18. We actually waited until I turned 18 before I took him to meet my parent’s. We also let his dad think I was already 18 so he wouldn’t say anything against us. We met two days after he got out of prison. You can read more about him being in prison below.

We just wanted to be together. I know I was too young but, although I was only 17, almost 18, I knew what I wanted back then. I was more mature than my age. I seemed to grow up pretty fast, especially when I met him.

I would spend the night at his house almost every night. My mom knew where I really was every night but my dad thought I was staying with a friend who lived close to my then boyfriend, now husband. I know I shouldn’t have been spending the night as young as I was and I know I shouldn’t have been lying to my dad, but to be honest, my dad didn’t really care what I did. That is another story I will tell soon enough.

Moving in Together

We eventually, about one year later, moved in together. He was working at different jobs back then and I got a job at the school, through our summer youth program, cleaning during the summer. I was helping get the grade school ready for the kids to come back to school. I was only 19 at the time. That was the last year I was able to work for the Summer Youth Program through our Community Action Council Center. I have a story about the first year I worked for the Summer Youth Program and I will tell it soon too. Right now, let’s stick to this one.

We eventually moved onto my husband’s grandfather’s old property that his dad told us we could have. We couldn’t get the deed though since not all of his family members would sign off on it allowing us to have it in our name. We lived there though for 11 years and it was nice. There weren’t any neighbors on either side and we had about five acres of flat land and the rest, that was the family’s, was in the woods and across the road, which wasn’t much. We had plenty of room though to have cookouts, bonfires, and room for our dogs.

We talked about marriage but couldn’t afford it for a few years. I wasn’t working after we moved and my husband could no longer work because he started having seizures and really bad mood swings. His back started giving out on him too. For these reasons, he decided to sign up for SSI, through Social Security. While we waited on the money to come in, and it only took him seven months to get it the second time he applied, we lived on his General Assistance check of $115 per month and food stamps. I really don’t know how we made it back then, but we did.

Seven months after applying for SSI the second time, the mailman brought a nice check in the mail. Once we got that, I told him we should finally get married since we now could afford to. So, he agreed. We didn’t have a big fancy wedding. We not only couldn’t afford to have one, but we also didn’t want to have one like that. We agreed on getting married in front of the Justice of the Peace and he called and made the appointment for June 8. We got lucky that they had an opening since we wanted to get married on the same day we started seeing each other. I think that was meant to be too.

Our little wedding

We went to get married on that day. His mom was too sick to make it. In 2004, she was starting to get pretty sick and was having trouble walking. I also have a story about her soon too.

So, my mom and dad went and my niece, who was eight-years-old at the time. She is now 24 and has one daughter and a son on the way! My nephew didn’t make it to our little wedding but he was a teenager at the time and only cared about being around his friends. My niece was still young enough to still want to be around us a lot.

So, there you have it. We met two days after he got out of prison and have been together since. Like I said previously, we are inseparable. Yes, we get into disagreements and fights as every couple does. But what is different about our fights is that they are short lived. We cuss each other for a few minutes, saying things we don’t mean and wouldn’t normally say to each other, just to see how mad we can make each other, and then five minutes later, we are talking to each other like the argument never even happened. That is another thing I love about him. He doesn’t hold grudges and he has taught me not to hold them either because life is way too short for grudges and fighting all the time. I love my husband very much and can’t imagine life without him. I know one of us will go before the other one and I hope it isn’t him because I don’t think I can live without him.

I know there are many, many couples who have been together longer than we have but I think it is amazing that we have been together this long. And, I know we will never leave each other. He is my perfect match and I am his.

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