Hi Casey! Thanks for listing my publication, Any Writers here. One thing has changed though and I don't know if you want to fix it or not but Shelly is no longer my editor. She no longer wanted to edit for me and with the publication growing so quickly in only one year of being a publication now, I had to find two new editors instead of one. I now have Alexa Nargi as my morning editor and Danielle Dahl as my afternoon editor.

One more thing, Any Writers is about a lot more than just writing about writing, it is called Any Writers because I accept anyone who wants to write for the pub, because I think everyone deserves a chance, and they are allowed to write about any topic. That's why I call it Any Writers. Any Writers writing about anything and everything you can imagine!

Anyway, thanks for featuring my most popular publication on here! I have two more pubs that aren't nearly as popular but I hope they do become as popular, at least, one day. One is called Writing Hacks and it is about tips and tricks for writing success. The other one is called Pets Galore, which is all about pets. Thanks!

I have been a professional writer for 14 years. I have a boyfriend and six dogs. Check out and subscribe: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/h7v3o7

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