Hi Brenda! So glad to see you posting on here and happy to hear that you have a paid subscription as well. My advice is to write what you want but I would really love to read the meditational stories. I used to meditate but stopped doing it and haven't started it up again. I should though because it does have good benefits and was really helping me.

Also, I do believe the paid subscription is well worth it. With only $5 per month, we get to read an unlimited amount of stories on here from other writers. And, they are all very good writers. I love reading on here every day! Also, some of that paid subscription goes to others who are earning on here. I do make a little bit on here every month and I know if I posted more, I would make a lot more. I just have so much to do every day with my main writing job and cleaning my house, lol.

But, that's my two cents worth for you, lol. Keep writing on here and write whatever makes you happy!

I have been a professional writer for 14 years. I have a boyfriend and six dogs. Check out and subscribe: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/h7v3o7

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