5 Ways You Can Make Money Online Without Having a High School Diploma or a College degree

Making money online without a degree

Many people have earned their high school diploma and their college degree. However, oftentimes, it is pushed on them by their parents and sometimes other family members. They tell them they won’t be successful and won’t amount to anything without making sure they get their high school diploma and hopefully go to a four-year college too, this isn’t always true.

And, although no one should quit high school if they can keep from doing so, they don’t need a diploma or a college degree for that matter, to make a living online. Although it may be grained into their brain, it is NOT true at all.

There are five ways you can make money online, right now. Even if you dropped out of high school, haven’t earned a GED yet, or tried to get one, so you can go off to college, anyone who knows how to write, and do a few other things online, can make money doing what I and others are doing now.

Keep reading to learn about the five ways you can make money online without a high school diploma or college degree.

5, Writing/Editing/Proofreading

Writing can be a blessing, allowing you to make enough money to pay the bills, feed your family, and live comfortably. You can earn good money with the different types of writing now available online.

They say that the best kind of living made with writing is copywriting. If you know what you are doing when you do Copywriting, you can make perfect money. If you don’t know anything about copywriting, you can find free courses online to take to learn it. It may be well worth the time you spent learning the craft of it.

I quit high school. Now I am 39-years-old, and will most likely never get my GED, and because I didn’t get my GED or finish high school, I also didn’t go to college. I didn’t need a high school diploma or a college degree to get started with writing online.

All I needed was a computer and the Internet, a love of writing, and sharing my knowledge with my readers. Although I think some of us are born with the talent to write, many people do believe it can be a learned skill and that those who learn it can be successful too.

I have been writing online for 12 years. I dropped out in the 11th, grade, and never looked back. I hated school. I wasn’t learning anything I would use in the future anyway, except for my English class, which I passed.

I didn’t need a GED and didn’t need to go on to college to make a better life for myself. I know how to write, and I will use it to my advantage as I have been for the last 12 years.

Editing and proofreading are skills that can go along with writing. Without the ability to edit and proofread, you are stuck with a first draft that may have grammar and spelling or sentence flow errors that you, the writer, may not catch even if you look it over several times.

Editing and proofreading are also skills in demand and can be done by those without a high-school diploma or a college degree. They may not make as much money as a writer does, but they are still a good skill to have and earn money with.

4, Blogging

Although blogging is the same as writing, it is also different. Blogging is different because you are blogging for yourself on your blog or website or for another site. When you are writing, you could be writing articles, press releases, or other types of content that your client or the company you are writing for needs at the time.

Either way, you are making money with both. However, with blogging, you may have a little more freedom; you usually do, letting you choose the topics you want to blog. It also gives you the freedom to blog whenever you wish, especially if it is on your site.

3, Transcription

If you know how to type well and fast and can type what you hear, without errors, or if you can proofread and fix your errors before turning your work in, you can be a transcriptionist. There is a specialized type of transcriptionist like medical transcription, that does require you to have a degree. However, there is also general transcription that doesn’t require either a high school diploma, GED, or even a college degree.

You can make great money doing transcription if you become fast enough at it. Many people can do transcription without blinking an eye, yet others have problems with the job. I tried transcription one time and couldn’t type the words I heard fast enough to pass the test they have you take before they hire you.

2, Web Development

Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash

You can make a high income by being a web developer. A web developer is someone who creates websites with coding. If you don’t know how to code, you can take a coding course for free at Khan Academy.

You can even take the coding course in your spare time while you write, blog, or do the transcription and then add web development to your skills. Since this is a technical skill, you will need to learn full HTML.

1, Virtual Assistants

You can become a virtual assistant without the need for a high-school diploma or a college degree. Virtual assistants do many different tasks for their clients, including making appointments, taking phone calls, data entry, responding to emails, writing blog posts and articles, and much more. Being a virtual assistant can earn you a significant income from home.

In no way am I promoting the idea of quitting high school because if you can stay in school, then you should do it. I am also not promoting not going to college because if you want to, then great. I am just saying that it is not the end of the world if you don’t finish school. There are the jobs above anyone can do online as long as they have the skills for them.

I have been a professional writer for 14 years. I have a boyfriend and six dogs. Check out and subscribe: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/h7v3o7

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